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Hello my freaky friends!
I hope you’re staying warm this winter. I have received news that my writer’s other half is changing jobs.
I’m a little jealous that she will have her husband home every night and I don’t. I’m hoping she will get back to finishing my story after she is finally finished with this murder mystery.
I’m not sure how I feel about my writer doing a murder mystery but it’s good to travel outside your comfort zone.
My writer also sent off another short story to a paranormal anthology and is waiting to hear back on it. She will have a table at the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library’s Local Author Fair on December 6 at the TSCPL. Come by and buy a book or two!! There will be a bunch of great writers there of all genres.
Oh oh. I better go. My writer figured out that I have her phone and am blogging on it.
Stay warm my freaky ones. Make sure to celebrate your holidays with the ones you love! Until next time!


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weekend getaway   Leave a comment

I finally managed to get my writer out of the house and away for a few hours. She’s even staying at a motel in another state! This is something she never does.
So far, she has toured a large mall in Joplin, Missouri, bought and worn a swimsuit for the first time in YEARS, and actually went swimming! She is finally relaxed and happily tired.
I love to have weekends like this but my writer is too uptight to do it too often. I decided she and I are going to get her out of the house more.
Tomorrow, we will head home but for now, it’s a wonderful weekend away from all of the pressures of everyday life.
until next time, my freaky ones!

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FINALLY!   Leave a comment

Hello my freaky ones!

I hope this finds you well and hope things have been wonderful in your lives.

I do realize I have been absent lately. My writer has been super busy with writing, her MULTIPLE day jobs, and all of her other characters.
The good news is that she is in a new anthology set to be released on August 29th, called “Bloody Sexy” edited by Carmilla Voiez. I nabbed the laptop and sneaked a peek at the ARC of the anthology. Talk about some hot stuff! Totally for 18 and over. NOT FOR KIDS! (but for sharing with your lover.) My writer has her story “Tonight” and a poem in the book.

Sometime in the near future, two more of her stories will be released in an anthology “Touched by Shadow, Caressed by Light”. I am STILL waiting to read those stories. No, I’m not in them but some of the other vampires I’ve heard about from my world are in them.

My author also has a novel completed and in edits, and another short novel nearly finished. Round 1 of edits are done on the first book in my series, “Night Blind”. In spite of her inconsistent work hours, she has been hogging the laptop and done little more than write. Oops, I mean she has been hard at work on her novels. All of her stories so far are set here in Kansas.

My writer is also at work on a secret project, possibly with another author. But Angel Edenburn won’t tell me anything about it or who the other author may be. As soon as I overhear any info, I will make sure to tell you, my darkling darlings.

Oops. Time to give the laptop back. My writer’s finished with her bubble bath and ready to go back to work on the edits for “Night Moves”, “Night Blind”, and finish “City Dreams”.

Until next time my dark ones, may good things come your way.

xoxoxx Isis the Vampire

Writing Process   2 comments

Hello my freaky ones-

today I turn my blog over to my writer Angel Edenburn (aka Gena Mantz). The amazing writing duo of C L Raven (check them out at tagged her to participate in this blog hop. (Personally, I think it is wonderful!) And my writer has tagged SK Yule to continue this fun next week! I can’t wait to read that one… so here she is- my writer Angel Edenburn. Check her out


Hi all.

CL Raven( asked me to participate in this blog hop. Don’t judge me too harshly. CL gave me four questions- 1 What am I working on?  I am working on several projects at once. I have a novel with three of my characters nearly finished to send to Amos and Cassidy, I have the story of my character, Isis, and her family. (Thankfully, Isis agreed to let me use her page as well as mine  for this. I also have a werewolf novel I started almost 2 years ago, as well as one other short story in the works.

2 How does my work differ from others of this genre? I am not sure EXACTLY which genre I am. I have some action, some paranormal, some romance, a LOT of touchy/feely stuff, as well as character growth in my stuff. I want my non-stereotypical heroines to be themselves, not fit into a mold. My gals are a little more voluptuous, a little older, and not perfect. My mcs are NOT nubile, barely legal, size 2 girls.

3 Why do I write what I do? Well this is a multi-part answer. It feels right for me to write this. I write what I want to read and what I want my nieces and nephews to see and learn from. I don’t like some of what is out there that shows girls/women as very co-dependent. I want to show them something different and a better way to be. (BTDT co-dependent thing.) Also, when I sit down at the computer, this is what falls out. I love to write short stories as well as novels.

4 How does my writing process work? Right now, it is whenever I can squeeze it in. I write and edit almost anywhere. If I am riding in a car, at mealtime at work, when I’m mowing the lawn (I write in my head), or when I sit down at the computer. I plot when I do chores, I edit when I hit writer’s block, and the rest of the time I write. I have Scapple and Scrivener and use Scapple and lots of scribbled notes on pieces of paper to help  keep my ideas sort of organized. I get stuck, I just jump to another WIP until something breaks loose. Then, I jump back and keep going.

Okay, so next week is going to be the sensuous SK Yule, writer extrordinaire of the paranormal, and multi-published author.  Check out her stuff here

until next time,




Angel Edenburn (Gena Mantz)


ps Most of this blog is reposted over at Angel’s Musings  (

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Cohesion   Leave a comment

Hello my freaky ones-

The car in the photo belongs to my writer. It was a present from a former friend and her husband. (the former friend’s hubby is still friends with my Lukas and my writer’s hubby.) My writer knew the car needed a motor when she was gifted with it but didn’t care. She helped take the motor out of the car and has waited patiently for over 3 years to get a new motor.

Unfortunately, it seemed that every time she got even a few dollars ahead, she had to use that money for something other than the car. This year, her hubby made sure to save up. First thing on Monday morning, she left for one of her day jobs and her hubby left too. She returned after her day job to find her hubby here- with the motor.

My writer is so happy. She just needs a few more things to line up- her hubby home, the weather good, and a couple of days off so that she can help her hubby put the motor in.  At the time the car was given to her, being a writer was just a dream. She hoped to be published and hoped to have her car fixed. Fast forward. She has several pieces of her work published under her real name and her pen name. She has the motor for her 2000 Camaro dream car. The “Isis car” as her hubby has named it. (Personally I like the idea of her car being named after me.)

It will take a few more weeks before she can get the car on the road. A nasty little crack has developed in the windshield and she has had the car for quite a while and not paid taxes on it. She is willing to pay the fees needed. She just needs a few more weeks of saving to be able to do it. Meanwhile, she will keep writing, keep working, and feeling grateful for all she has. “Things are starting to come together,” she says.

This has been a long road. There is no denying that there are similar paths for my writer’s jobs, writing, and fixing the car. All have involved struggle, work, patience, perseverance, and even some disappointment. Somehow, the idea of a broken, hand-me-down car being made whole is so much more than it first appears. I can’t wait to see how the next chapter unfolds.

Well my freaky ones, I hope your lives are finding some cohesion.I also hope your year has taken a big turn for the better and that things are looking up for you. Sometimes, things seem to be one step forward, two steps back. But when you stop and take a moment to look at things from a bigger angle, they really are moving in the right direction. Hang hard onto the hope and the good.



ps Be watching for an announcement about an upcoming release!Image

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renewal- sort of   1 comment

Hello my freaky ones!

I do hope this year has been kinder to you than the last. Not so much around here. My writer finally found a night job after months of unemployment and existing on a shoestring budget. Well, a shoestring budget was lavish compared to how she juggled things. Last week she also found another night job with stable hours, and she gave her notice to the first job. It has been difficult for her and it shook her self-confidence. I take that back. It crushed her for several months, (but don’t let her know you know!)

She is working on a vampire novel- not mine- and may already have a home for it. My first novel came back from the editor but my writer made the changes immediately and sent it back AGAIN! So I get to wait some more. But I see her point. “Polish, polish, and polish it some more so that it will be great, not just good.” (But I don’t have to like it.)

With the odd hours, multiple jobs, and not much free time, my writer thinks she is “behind schedule” in her writing. I think she is doing well with it. She has a werewolf novel she started over a year ago to finish, my books, this vampire novel, and she wanted to write at least three more short stories to have available for some anthologies opening up this year. I know she will be back in the swing of writing soon!

Oh oh! Gotta go! Here she comes looking for her laptop. Stay true to yourselves and don’t let the world get you down, my freak ones!





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Snowmageddon 2014   Leave a comment

Hello all my freaky ones!

This is Isis the vampire. I know that most of the US has been hit with a rather nasty storm the last few days. It has dumped inches and in some cases, feet of  snow on almost everyone. I do hope you and yours are warm and safe.

My writer has been hard at work the last few days between doing edits on my story (YAY!) and digging us out. Lukas and my writer’s husband had to leave early the other night to beat the storms, and left us ladies here to hold down the fort. Good thing my writer’s son LOOVES to borrow her ATV and snow blade and has bladed us out twice in as many days.

The temperatures here in Kansas are supposed to be the coldest yet this winter overnight. I am glad of the technological advances we now have and it is much easier for me to stay warm than it has been in the past. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing like the warmth of a fire in the fireplace. It’s just that those old ones didn’t have things like inserts and blowers, and it tended to be pretty drafty and cold!

I do hope all of you are staying safe on these treacherous roads and in this brutal cold. Take your time!! LISTEN to the advisories! When you do go out (if you have to), please take a coat, gloves, hat, and warm foot wear. Tossing a blanket in the car with you can keep you warm in case of an accident. (Because not everyone drives as safely as they should, not because I think you are bad drivers). A shovel and cat litter are also recommended by the pros, and can get you up and going again.  Most of all, PLEASE BE SAFE!

I do hope you get a chance to throw some snowballs, make snow angels, go sledding, or just take a nice walk through a winter wonderland with your beloved. Please enjoy Snowmageddon 2014!

oh and thank you again for letting me chatter on!

until next time!


Isis the Vampiresnowday1

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