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Hello my freaky darlings!

I don’t know about your area, but here in Kansas the weather is strange. It’s July, almost August, and yet we haven’t had a long spell of hot temperatures like we normally would. IN fact, the last few days have been COLD. The temperatures are below normal, and the lows are right now in the 60 degree range.

My writer is sitting here, cuddled under a blanket and trying to stay warm. The intermittent rain is keeping her hubby in the house and watching movies. My writer is working on my stories and doing her best to stay warm and write.

None of us are complaining. Last year, the temps were around 90-100 degrees with heat indices above 100. The humidity was miserable and the AC ran constantly. This year has been nothing like last year. We are cool and have stayed cool with only a week or so stretch of hot weather.

I am bracing for more hot weather into September. I don’t trust this strange weather.

Until the temps climb and we have to shut  the house and turn on the air, I am going to enjoy it even if I have to wear sweatpants and jackets in July.

stay safe my lovelies.


Isis the Vampire


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4 responses to “crazy summer weather

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  1. we’re having strange weather too – it’s sunny! We haven’t had such a long stretch of warm weather for 7 years. Mostly are summers are as wet as our winters, just warmer. We’re relishing the heat. Though this week it’s back to rain 😦
    Summer probably isn’t a good time for vampires, so stay out of the sun!

    • thanks darlings. Hope you are doing well. (And I hope Scott the Zombie is behaving himself.) Our drought is nearly cured after this week and I will not complain about that. The rain has dried up for a couple of days, and the temps are climbing. If I don’t have to turn on the AC, I will be happy. No complaints though. Last year we had 118 degrees and over that for heat index.

  2. Is Umbralight Metaphysics no longer in business?

    Dianna Foxcroft
    • Dianna Foxcroft- I know they had some difficulty with a stomach bug. To my knowledge, they are still in business. Their contact info is in the FAQ on their page. This is going to sound arrogant, but this is MY author site and reserved for my books and writing. Thanks for commenting.

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