One Year Anniversary

Wow. This is something I didn’t think would ever happen; this blog is a year old.  I received an email reminding me that the subscription was renewed for another year. Lately, I haven’t been blogging or promoting like I should have. I have been working. I am not a best-seller, or a high volume author just yet. I am farther than I thought I would be last year, but not as far as I would like to be.

Last year, I started with a fresh slate. I was a solo author, with a character and a story to be written. It has taken me a year, one published book, one e-novelette, three started short stories, and two manuscripts almost ready to go to the editor. Last year, I had a completed manuscript and a new lease on my writing life.

I am awed at my journey, my wonderful group of writing friends, and the lessons learned. Here’s to another awesome year on this thrill ride!


P.S. One short story is almost done, and Night Blind should be on its way to the editor within the next month!

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