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I am so excited. This weekend, I get o go river riding. What is so exciting about it? I love motorcycles and ATV’s and actually own an small ATV. Nothing fancy, but big enough to haul me in and out of water holes, or along the trail. I love to  jump, to ride, and to climb hills. 

I keep up with Lukas and his friends on the occasional night river ride. This weekend, we have been invited out to go ride the rivers and trails in Barton County, Kansas. I love this area of Kansas. This is where I call home, the sparse grass, the wheat fields, the gently rolling hills, and the shallow, lazy rivers. 

I can’t sleep. I need to nap so that I can be sharp for tonight’s ride. The rest of the vampires won’t hesitate to leave me behind if I don’t keep up. If I get stuck in a mud hole, I have to dig myself out. If I ride with them, I have to keep up. I get no special treatment because I am female; in fact, I have to ride harder and better BECAUSE I am the token girl.

I don’t mind. I have proven my worth and I know the limits of my bike and my body. I will return home sore but happy. If the home gang called me to go out again next weekend, I would not hesitate to do so in a human heartbeat.

My darlings, I do hope you are taking the time this summer to enjoy your family and friends and activities you love. If you do not take time to nourish your soul, you cannot nourish those around you. I hope you have a restful and fun weekend. until later….


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