Waiting for the Weekend

Hello my darlings,

hope all is well with all of you. I will be glad when my writer finally publishes her first book. Right now, she is proud of the work she has done, she is scared to death that this will not sell or make any money, she is hoping that people enjoy the story, and she is praying she can figure out how to do all of this formatting. I think her greatest fear is that her book will be unreadable- either through formatting issues or the story being too boring.

personally- I thought the story about a vampire marrying a werewolf was a little strange, but the rest of it was good. Kind of cute, touching, and even made me laugh in a couple of spots.  Probably this book will not be a New York Time’s best seller, but I think it will be a fun read for people.

I am hoping we will go out this weekend and celebrate my writer’s success. She needs to remember she has passed a big hurdle in her life- she will be a published writer- and she needs to relax, let go, and celebrate her success.

If only more humans could stop, relax and enjoy their successes more than they take the stings and blows to heart. So my darlings, I do hope this week you celebrate your successes, learn from your mistakes, and take the opportunity to enjoy your amazing gift called life.

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