Se7en challenge

Hi! I’m the “Writer” Isis keeps telling you about and Isis politely requested that I accept the challenge. Since the story only has 57 pages I had to grab page 7. A little about Isis- she is a married Vampire who is having a little difficulty with fidelity right now since her husband is off somewhere across the world doing something important for the vampire council yet again. Currently, Isis is staying with the Master Vampire of the Chicago area, Henri and his wife Isabeau, and friends of Lukas. Isis wants to got home, dance with her troupe, and be with her husband and is very lonely and vulnerable. Justus, her husband’s second in command is taking advantage of her loneliness, and had kept her at his place all day for some very adult activities. Isis is back at Isabeau’s and soaking in a bathtub, waiting on a call from her husband. She is a freak of vampire nature, not totally accepted but needed by the Master Vampire and his mate. Isis keeps having nightmares of someone chasing her and if the mysterious Master Vampire gets his hands on her , there is no telling what will happen, but it will surely be bad.

Isis slid down into the water, leaving only her head poking out of the steaming bubbles. “No.” She smiled weakly at the girl. “But thanks.”

“Madame Isabeau said to make sure you ate.” The maid pushed the wine glass of warm blood at Isis. “And you haven’t touched your food.”

“Fine.” Isis took the glass and took three large swallows. “I ate something. If he calls again, don’t hesitate to wake me if you need to.”

The maid glanced over her shoulder, making sure there was no one else around. “I don’t know if I should tell you-”

“Tell me what?” Isis sat up and stared at the girl.

“Well, Madame Isabeau didn’t have me bring you the phone right away,” the girl confided, a half smile on her face. “Was the man that called important to you?”


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