Topeka, Kansas before daybreak

I love the city at night. The pulse of the city after dark is so different from daytime. Things are not quite as crowded but there is a tinge of danger, of mystery to the air as I walk the streets. The animal life is active as the daytime humans sleep the dark hours away. Foxes, rabbits, raccoons, opossums, and even deer go about their  nocturnal lives in the heart of the city.

I hunt in the city because I have a better selection of a choice meal. For the most part, I am wise enough and have enough control so I am able to feed without killing, unless you happen to be a human predator, misogynist, cruel individual without any redeeming quality. Occasionally, those sort disappear without a trace. 

The city at this hour dozes, waiting for the night dwellers to go to bed before dawn and the day creatures have not awakened from slumber. The heartbeat steadily rises, hour by hour until the fever pitch and hustle reach their peak, continuing on until late evening. After midnight until around 5 is my favorite time. I am awake, I am hunting, I feel alive.

I stopped into a favorite coffee spot for a cup, watching as the traffic slowly picks up, the humans rising from their rest. The slow pace relaxes me, dulls my senses and I am content. Soon, the day will break, forcing me to head home, inside to the safety of my old farmhouse and away from the sun.

Lukas was safely delivered to the airport, to leave by special courier, off to somewhere. He doesn’t tell me for my safety, only that he will be back in a week or two and he will call soon. Maybe someday his duties for the Vampire Council will be passed along to his successor and he will be home for good. Until then, I will come to my beloved city, Topeka to feed and to regenerate. good day all.

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