More and more Changes

My poor writer is trying so hard to be strong right now but I know tomorrow night will be rough. Her husband has been home and no longer on the road since September and she has truly enjoyed having a “real” husband for the first time in many years. Unfortunately, he is unhappy in his job and has taken a better paying driving job where he will be home three weekends a month.

I feel for my writer. My husband, Lukas is gone frequently and has been all of our married life. He, like my writer’s husband, is concerned with making a good living so the wife can stay home and be there when he gets home. My writer went shopping today and purchased  some of the items that she knows her husband will need on the road and is doing all she can to help him pack. She is putting on such a brave face, trying to be a good wife, but inside she’s wanting to cry and falling to pieces. I know. Been there. Done that. BURNED the t-shirt.

I know she will throw herself into her two part-time jobs as well as her belly dance and her writing. “After all, I have a novel to edit and your story to finish, ” my writer told me earlier today. “I have plenty to do and without having him to trip over, I will get more done.”  She needs to let go, cry, and grieve. The hardest part of this will be convincing her to do this. I am glad I can be here for her because even though she is lonely and ready to go stir crazy, she still won’t open up and say it. 

This will all work out, like it has numerous times before for both of us. I have a sneaking suspicion she will be back on her diet, back on her exercise routine, and a couple of novels and some poems will be written in the near future. I will be here for her and will be making sure to chase her out of the house as often as I can. Oh, yes, and I can guarantee I will call foul on her if she says, “I’m fine” when she really means, “I’m feeling lonely”.

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