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My writer busted her butt this week to get the old laptop online in anticipation of her nephew coming to stay. I’ve overheard some of the things the teen has had to say about his home life with a new step-mother and a new baby on the way and being the middle child (of the natural siblings). Seems the teen is having fun with the battered old laptop that needs a new battery (it only lasts like 20 minutes when unplugged.) but the nephew doesn’t care. HE CAN WRITE!

He loves to write and is an AMAZING mas of facts and little bits of information, though the step doesn’t seem to value the knowledge. He can’t wait to meet me but my writer is cautious on what he knows about me. Some of my past is very unsavory and when he’s older, he can investigate. His smile is infectious and lights up his blue eyes and his whole face. I think his face aches from smiling and his fingers from playing RockBand with his uncle. The genes run strong in that family, with a resemblance in the male cousins strong enough they could be mistaken for brothers and the uncles placed with nephews instead of fathers.

The youth seems free to be himself. No one will judge here. No one to call you stupid. No one to tell a growing boy that he eats too much. Someone to listen, no matter how small the idea is. Someone to ask what you want to do, what song would you like? What would you like for supper? In the language of today’s teens- someone who gives a rat’s butt.

I remember how hard it was to grow up too fast, to have to be responsible for my younger siblings, to have to earn a living at 18 and be a mother before I was 21. If I can help my writer protect him, to let him be a teenage boy for just a little longer I will. Everyone should have a childhood but sometimes children are pulled from it too quickly. Let him be a child as long as is healthy for him because too many in his family have had no childhood.

I am glad my writer takes the time to nurture his interests in writing and lets him be a kid.  I have a feeling this youth will be spending as much of the summer as possible out here. In fact my writer is trying to convince him to do the cover art for her books. I am so excited and hope it works!

Well, enough of my preaching about letting kids be kids. Sometimes, we as adults often forget the value of play, even in our own lives. My husband, Lukas, and myself sometimes play like siblings even after all this…(let’s say years)… in our married life as well as my writer and her husband. May we all have a fun-filled and relaxing weekend.

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  1. Hey Isis! Your writer’s nephew seems cool and tell her not to worry about how much he knows about her past, because if he’s as lovely as he seems, it won’t matter to him. Definitely encourage him to write and be himself when he’s with you. You can be his refuge when times are tough, plus he can escape through his writing. Have fun and don’t forget to post pics 🙂

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