things change

A year ago, my writer had three day jobs, a steady dance gig, and a co-author. May of last year, the dance gig at the restaurant stopped, due to reorganization of management. The nearly-full time job was abandoned in September, much to the relief of everyone- she was stressed out and miserable. Last month, the co-author decided to abandon three years of work and writing- a total of 5 written books, the last one nearly finished, one edited and the others in stages of rough edits.

This week, my writer registered for a belly dance workshop, two and half hours away. Every year, a different famous belly dancer comes in to teach a weekend intensive workshop with a show. Last year, the director invited my writer to contact her this year for a spot in the show. (YEAH, SURE.) Well, my writer sent the inquiry email, not expecting an answer.

The answer came yesterday afternoon. Yes, there is still a spot in the show. Yes, I still want you to perform. Thank you for contacting me and reminding me. So, now not only is my writer typing and editing in her spare time but now is also looking for an instrumental piece that is appropriately dark for a brand new choreography with a sword. No time to be nervous when you do your own choreography and costumes.

The deadlines are getting tighter and tighter but the opportunities are opening up. Today’s list includes- finding music, editing 13 pages out of a novelette and formatting for submission to a contest, dance practice, and the few hours of “real jobs”. (My writer has two part-time jobs.) Costuming issues to be addressed at a later date- sometime before the show on April 14th. 

I am hoping to get my writer to take a power nap (she almost never does unless she’s sick) then tackle the first half of her to-do list. After all, she has three more days to get the novelette ready…

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  1. Oh. Trying to wade through the mass of sites and reading the fine print is making my head hurt. With less than a month, she has to find something soon. I simply won’t tolerate a belly dancer who has a sloppy performance from procrastination and if you add a sword to that, it will be a disaster and a joke. Over the *cough* years I’ve seen way too many of those.

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