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I am so happy for my writer today. She is getting some great press today over at Raven’s Retreat. Cat and Lynx Raven are talented writers with some wonderful tales, stories, and novels to their credit. They frequently have guest bloggers and the stories are always fun.

My writer is using the momentum from her sales of her first book to energize her writing. Luckily for me, the next book will be some of my story- a tale of a modern-day, belly dancing, vampire Contessa.  I truly do my best to behave and stay out of trouble. However, chaos seems to seek me out. 

Back to the subject- The Ravens and their blog. I do encourage you to hop on over to their blog and check out not only my writer’s story, but the stories of several other friends. Here’s how to find them:

Happy reading, darlings. Do stay inside and try to not get sunburned.

until next time…


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  1. Hey Isis, we were thrilled when your writer agreed to write a guest post for us and would love her back on when your book gets released 🙂 Hopefully you’ll both get more publicity from it. Stay out of the sun

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